How to Choose the Right Electrical Wholesaler for Your Needs: Important Criteria to Remember

For many electricians, building contractors, and anyone else involved in the building and construction industry, finding the right electrical wholesaler is crucial. Your source for electrical supplies is essential, as they make up a vital part of your everyday business.

Whilst there may be a good selection of electrical wholesalers in the UK today, you still need to find the right one. So, in this regard, what factors should you be considering when it comes to selecting an electrical wholesaler you can depend on and with whom you can build a strong and lasting relationship?

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The brands they offer

It’s true that a lot of electricians and contractors are looking for a brand they can trust. When it comes to choosing a wholesaler, you also have to consider the brands they have on offer. There are brands which have already established themselves in the market, and you may already recognise these brands (or have already made use of them in the past). Make sure the wholesaler features brands which you can trust (and which you know how to use and install as well) so you can save time and effort when looking for your supplies.


The knowledge and training of their employees

In choosing the right wholesaler, you also have to think about the knowledge and training of their employees. If you speak with a trained and knowledgeable staff member, then you can rest assured that they are giving you good advice which you can make use of. When you ask for a quote or suggestion, the wholesaler’s staff should be able to provide you with the details you are looking for, and answer any questions which you might have.


Their pricing

Of course, apart from the brands offered by the wholesaler and the knowledge and expertise of their staff, you also have to consider their pricing. In fact, pricing is a major factor for many of us, especially in these times. What’s surprising about this, though, is that most experienced electricians and contractors often opt for a fixed price rather than a price that they still have to haggle with. Seeing a fixed yet reasonable price on a product is better than having to negotiate with a wholesaler because, once again, it saves them time and effort. Besides, if the price is reasonable and affordable enough, then you know you are not getting a bad deal.


A quick, convenient delivery service

When it comes to purchasing ‘basic’ electrical supplies and components, you want a wholesaler who can give you utmost flexibility, especially when it comes to delivery. Look for a wholesaler who allows you to order your requirements in advance as well as supply you with options for delivery. You may also want to look for a wholesaler who can make the entire ordering process easier for you – for instance, electrical wholesalers who offer online ordering and either delivery to your site or pickup from a particular branch or location. If you are busy with your work and don’t have the time to stop by the shop or pick up an item at the wholesaler’s, then a good delivery service can save you time and effort.


The availability of stock

One very annoying aspect about some wholesalers is that they sometimes do not have what you need in stock. This is another important factor you need to consider when choosing a wholesaler. Aside from this, you also have to think twice about wholesalers who get your orders wrong as well as those who do not have the items ready on the scheduled date of pickup. In essence, look for a wholesaler who has an extensive stock and a bigger selection of products who can also give you a good turnaround time and exceptional service.

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