Weird and wonderful ways to make some extra money

Need a little more cash? Don’t we all! I’ve been working on increasing my savings this year, so if you need to have a little more money coming in, here are some weird and wonderful ways to make it happen:

Gamble online

Yup, you can make some decent money doing the fun things you would probably do anyway. Check out Roxy Palace Online Roulette, which is a great place to play casino games and maybe plump up your savings account as well.
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Let Google track you

If you don’t mind being tracked by Google, you can install an extension called Google Screenwise on your laptop. This means the search engine can see where you’re spending your time online. You can also get a similar app on your smartphone, and in exchange for allowing Google to track you, you can earn $6 to start with, and $3 a week after. Earnings can be exchanged for gift cards.

Let your smartphone advertise to you

You probably don’t really notice your lockscreen all that much, but did you know you can use it as a billboard? There are a number of apps that will pay you money to use this space, and you can swipe and participate in surveys and watch ads for money. Every time you go to a website you can earn points, and 2500 points equals one dollar.

Bet on your health

Serious about losing some weight this year? HealthyWage and Dietbet will actually pay you to lose some weight. The more weight you can lose, and the longer you can keep it off for, the more money you will make. You’ll do an initial weigh-in, and then you’ll need to lost a percentage of your weight. You bet an amount of money on your success and if you win, you have the chance to make a lot of money while also getting healthier.

Sell your hair

If you have long locks you can make a lot of money. Bidders are looking for “virgin hair” which hasn’t been permed, mechanically dried, or dyed. This hair is often used for extensions, and women around the world have been selling their hair for decades. Unfortunately, in places like India the process is common in areas which high poverty rates. But if you need money fast and have great hair that you’re willing to part with, you can make thousands of dollars.

Be on a virtual jury

Lawyers are always aiming to pick the best possible juries. The more information they have, the better, which is why they’ll pay you to give feedback based on different arguments so they can see how people from different demographics think.

Have you tried any of these ways to make money? Are you planning to give them a try? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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