Renovating Your Bedroom for Summer

No hard rules keep you from going wild with a maximalist style, although the best summer bedrooms stick to one or two interior designs like Scandi and industrial or mid-century and minimalist (the latter is one of our favs). 

Here’s how to renovate your bedroom for summer:

Summer colour schemes 

Trade winter’s heavy hues for soft pastels, sun-kissed neutrals, and energising brights. 

Whispers of pale blue, mint, or blush pink create a dreamy base—ideal for understated Scandinavian or coastal cottage styles. Layer in crisp whites, warm beiges, and sandy linens for an overall serene, beachy vibe.

Vibrant pops like cheerful lemon yellow, tangerine orange, and zingy lime – these pigments instantly amp up energy levels and pair beautifully with modern farmhouse, mid-century modern decors.

Textures and fabrics 

Natural fibres like linen, cotton, and bamboo are perfect for creating a breathable, cooling bedroom sanctuary for summer. 

Matelassé cotton coverlets have a quilted, raised pattern that feels luxurious yet unfussy. For a smoother base, plain-woven percale or sateen cotton sheets are perfect. They have a flat weave and provide a smooth, crisp foundation on which to layer other textures.

Linen has an almost nubby texture that looks effortlessly rumpled and undone – the essence of laid-back luxury. 

Breezy bed frames

Your bed frame style sets the summery bedroom tone. Metal and wooden bed frames with slim silhouettes and open designs are the best choice for light, airy aesthetics.

Check out these:

Pictured: Birlea Soho 4FT Small Double Platform Bed Frame. Priced £207 (Save £191 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Pictured: Julian Bowen Soto 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame. Priced £240 (Save £108 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Pictured: Time Living Miami 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame – Ivory. Priced £383 (Save £35 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Pictured: Eco 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame – White. Priced £262 (Save £206 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

Pictured: Birlea Nova 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame. Priced £284 (Save £44 on RRP) Available from Bedstar.

A low-profile wrought iron bed in matte white or powdery pastel looks right at home amid delicate floral wallpapers and soothing spa-inspired minimalism. The open metalwork keeps the visual flow moving freely.

Wooden beds, whether solid pine or oak, introduce rich, grounding warmth and pair perfectly with breezy elements like white sheets, natural fibre accents, woven pendant lights and jute area rugs. 

An upholstered bed brings cosy, luxe comfort with plush padding. Look for soft linens and cotton in tranquil powder blue, sage green, and cloudy grey shades—an elegant yet inviting summer persona.

Patterns on point

Watercolour-style floral patterns in soft shades of powder blue, blush, or sage green feel refreshingly airy—like a botanical garden coming to life in your space. 

For a more modern botanical vibe, turn to oversized tropical leaf or palm frond prints rendered in high-contrast black and white or unexpected colourways like ochre and terracotta. The bold, graphic foliage designs have an almost abstract quality that injects energy while still feeling season appropriate.

Accent highlights

Instead of heavy drapes, hang breezy sheer linen curtain panels or woven bamboo shades to filter the morning light gently. Roll-up Roman shades in a botanical print keep things bright while adding pattern.

Open shelving styled with decorative bowls, vases, or baskets in light woods and natural fibres like rattan, jute, or seagrass brings a more casual, beachy texture. A rattan or caned bedside table and chair make the space feel breezy yet curated.

Incorporate natural greenery through potted palms, fiddleleaf figs, snake plants or hanging planters. Their lush foliage connects the space to the outdoors. For pops of colour, display summer blooms like peonies or hydrangeas in glazed ceramic vases.

Summing Up

Renovating your bedroom for summer requires keeping things light and carefully curating a handful of interior styles to keep it on point.

Opportunities to add splashes of colour, such as feature walls, artwork, duvet sets, and throws, are the keys to giving your space a summery vibe. Pair them with a minimalist bed frame, and you’ll be well on your way to summery bliss. 

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