Beautiful Holiday Mountain Getaways in Colorado

Are you thinking of booking a mountain getaway in Colorado? Then you’re going to want to learn some tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your booking process and that you get a beautiful property to enjoy with your family. Colorado is a popular destination year round, but tourism often peaks during the winter months, meaning it can be hard to find good accommodations and the prices can get very expensive. Due to the number of ski resorts in the State, it’s an extremely popular place to visit during the ski season. If you’re thinking of heading away to beautiful Colorado during winter, here are some tips for finding a great property and having a memorable trip:

1. Book in Advance

If you’re looking to secure a Christmas cabin rental, then the reality is you may have to consider booking years in advance. Find some properties you’re interested in now, and see when they next have availability over the Christmas period. It’s unlikely that you’ll find something available now for this year, unless there’s suddenly a cancellation. You may have better luck finding a property by using a rental site that is more curated, as you’ll be more likely to be working directly with the owners. I would suggest at least booking 6 months in advance to get your preferred property, but longer is better especially during the peak season.

2. Shop Around

There are so many lovely properties available in Colorado, a number of which have that special winter cabin feel. Spending some time to look around at all your options will ensure that you have a property that’s special, comfortable and the perfect setting for a memorable holiday. I always suggest considering properties where there are reviews you can read, so you can see what potential downsides each property may have. Chances are you’re spending a lot on accommodation, so it may as well be somewhere comfortable.

3. Have a Clear Budget
It’s easy to get emotional about travel and to keep increasing your budget, especially if you’re headed somewhere like Colorado in the winter which is likely to be pretty booked up. I think it’s important to set a clear budget from the beginning, and to do your best to honor that. If the properties are a little more than you expected and maybe out of your budget, consider renting something bigger with some family members or friends to cut down on cost. Another option is to visit during the shoulder seasons – so when it’s not as busy – in order to enjoy a reduced rental rate. The reality is the Christmas period is likely to be the most expensive rental period in Colorado.

If you’re looking for a magical winter escape, Colorado is probably the best choice you could make. Hopefully these tips help you find a wonderful winter property that’s within budget, and has availability for your preferred dates.

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