Best Beach Destinations Around the World

Is the cold weather wearing you down a little? Are you dreaming of a beach holiday? I know I am! For me, nothing compares to laying on some gorgeous white sand, reading a book, cocktail nearby while hearing the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore. If you’re dreaming of better weather and white sand beaches, I’ve got some inspiration for you for your next beach holiday.

Koh Phi Phi Thailand
This area of Thailand was made more famous by the movie The Beach and the truth is, it’s paradise. Here you’ll find silky white sand, aqua water so clear you can see tiny fish dancing below the water and an abundance of cheap, delicious Thai food. Thailand is also famous for cheap – like $5 per hour – massages and warm smiles, making it a wonderful beach holiday destination. Koh Phi Phi is a relatively small island, but there’s a few islands near by meaning you could easily visit a few on the same trip.


The Maldives
If there’s one place in the world that screams “paradise” for me it’s the Maldives. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are made up of over 1,000 coral islands. Only around 200 of these islands are inhabited, ensuring that many of them are left completely untouched. Dreaming of a trip here? Well, check out the most popular places in the Maldives on Instagram but be warned, you may find yourself booking a trip away right now.

Puerto Rico
Here you’ll find a great fusion of Latin Culture with American conveniences, and their entire island is circled by beautiful beaches. One of the best beaches in Puerto Rico is Blue Beach. While you’re visiting, don’t forget to visit San Juan old town, which is lined with beautiful candy-coloured buildings.

Fraser Island, Australia
Australia is well known for its beaches, the most famous of which is probably Bondi beach in Sydney. While that’s a fabulous beach, which is always scattered with hundreds of sunbathers and lined with shops, restaurants and bars, Australia has so many more beaches that deserve a visit too. One of my favourite beaches in Australia are the beaches on Fraser Island, which is the world’s biggest sand island and it’s also the only known place in the world where you can find a rainforest growing on sand – making it a real tropical paradise.

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