Essential Tips for Surviving Your First Holiday Away Together

Relationships – whether they be heterosexual, homosexual or otherwise – are made up of important first times. The first date, the first morning you wake up together, the first time you stay up all night, the first time you both spend the whole day in bed (these two could be linked), the first argument, the first meeting with the parents etc.

Look, I can’t tout myself as a relationship guru – my exes would most likely call me out faster than Usain Bolt running away from a Segway if I did. But I do know one thing: that first trip away with your new partner is very important; let’s face it, it is make or break. Why? Sure you get along like a couple of feminists bonding of the demise of Dapper Laughs when you are spending an evening at the cinema. Or trying not to rip each other’s clothes off in an Uber on the way home. But things like catching flights on time, renting cars in foreign countries and trying to find a cash machine when you don’t speak the local language can be stressful. That kind of stuff can split up your relationship in the same way that entering into a whirlwind marriage to Russell Brand will (sorry Katie).

So, now we all appreciate the potential implications of a particularly disastrous first holiday with your new bae, let’s think about some of the things that will make that trip go well.


Learn about what your partner is interested in

Is he into house music? Maybe learn your Todd Terrys from your DJ Harveys on Soundcloud. Is he a fan of responsible gambling? Have a go on the slots online at Betway so you can impress him over dinner.

Plan Ahead

The more you plan ahead, the more chances that everything will go smoothly. Things like forgetting to print your boarding pass (and therefore having to buy the second most expensive piece of paper in your life – the first being your degree), nearly missing your flight and getting lost trying to find your accommodation are all things that are more likely to cause a holiday row.

Sun cream, sun cream, sun cream (water)

Have you ever had sun stroke? I have. And I’d rather simultaneously poke myself in the eye and stub my toe than allow it to happen again. Imagine being in a sauna but feeling like you’re in a cold plunge pool. That is sun stroke. Yeah. I don’t want to sound like your mum but if you’re in the sun, especially if you’re drinking alcohol which dehydrates you, douse yourself in sun cream and drown yourself in water like there’s no tomorrow. Trust me here.


Be ready to compromise. 

When it comes to the perfect holiday everyone has a different opinion; one man’s festival in Croatia is another man’s relaxing holiday in Jersey; one man’s alcohol fest in Malia is another man’s yoga retreat. Be aware that a holiday, just like a relationship, is all about give and take. So, if you want to just lounge on a sunbed all day, cocktail in one hand and Paula Hawkins novel in the other (who doesn’t?), and your partner is really active, at least get up and play some water sports once.

There you have it, folks, the main tips you need to avoid your first trip away together won’t be your last. If you follow these rules you can’t really go wrong. Do you know some more? Stick them in the comments section.

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