Why your Next Trip Should be to Israel

There are numerous tourist attractions in Israel, and while the land is ancient, the country is still relatively new- in 2011 it celebrated just 63 years of independence.

This is the only democratic Jewish state in the world, and you’ll find sites that are sacred to Islam, Christianity and Judaism, however there is a lot more to the country than just religious heritage.

Flights to Israel can vary, however it’s definitely possible to get a good deal by simply signing up to some booking sites and keeping an eye out. You’ll also find that booking in advance and not leaving your flights to the last minute is going to be better for your wallet, and you’ll be able to plan your trip more effectively (and have more time to get excited).

Energetic, bustling, and fun cities vie with exhilarating nature spots and Mediterranean beaches, and the country is smaller than the state of New Jersey, and yet is packed with cultural treasures, geographical diversity and history.

If you’re particularly religious, or simply interested in religion, Jerusalem is the city for you, and is the world’s holiest city for Muslims, Christians and Jews. Visit the Old City of Jerusalem, where you’ll find the Western Wall, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Along with the religious sites, there are plenty of other attractions to keep visitors busy in the city.

Many people are unaware that Tel Aviv is one of the coolest cities to visit along the Mediterranean, and this bustling, 24-hour city is full of beaches, nightlife, events and culture. The nightlife is hard to beat, and the city is similar to New York and Miami- with bars and restaurants open around the clock. If you’re looking for great experiences, a great atmosphere and great food, Tel Aviv is hard to beat.

For those who have always wanted to float in the Dead Sea, Israel has that too. This is the lowest place on earth, and many a photo has been taken of people sitting in the sea and floating while reading a book. The mud is used for beauty products around the world, so be sure to do like the locals and slather it all over your skin for the health benefits.

Israel also has incredibly diverse scenery, and the landscape is home to many different animals and there are plenty of inspirational stories of people who lived in the harsh conditions of the Negev Desert. If you head up north in Israel, you’ll find Galilee which is a lush landscape full of historic sites and outdoor adventures. Since the country is so small, it’s easy to explore and just 90 minutes from Galilee to the desert.

This is a country where many people seem to be scared to travel to after watching the news, however it’s actually amazingly safe. In fact, the country is very Westernised and you’re actually much safer in Israel than many other Western countries.


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