Planning A Wedding? Here Is All The Honeymoon Inspiration You Need

Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming. But there is a lot of fun in the process. Especially when it comes to choosing a honeymoon location. This is the bit after the wedding that will help you take in exactly what happened that day. A chance to extend the celebration further and unwind. Some people want the exotic; others want a bustling city destination. You may even use it as an opportunity to go to a place that will be a once in a lifetime. I thought I would provide you with some of the best destinations to inspire you when it comes to booking the perfect honeymoon.

The Maldives

The Maldives are a collection of little islands in the Indian Ocean. Known for their stunning beaches and blue lagoons. It is the epitome of an idyllic honeymoon destination. You can seclude yourself in privacy, or take in the markets and vibe of the capital Malé. There are many accommodation types to consider, but the most photographed would be the over water apartments. Offering an experience never to forget.

Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is in Southern California in the USA. It is famed to be the centre of the nation’s film and television industries. You could even take tours of Warner Brothers or Universal if that’s your thing. The iconic Hollywood sign on the hills is always a perfect picture opportunity. There is always Hollywood Boulevard to wander through as well. A visit to Los Angeles wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Hollywood walk of fame. A honeymoon destination for couples on the go. The perfect place to make some unforgettable memories.


Bali, Indonesia_by_Thomas Depenbusch

Bali is an Indonesian island known for it’s beautiful beaches, coral reefs and forested volcanic mountains. A stunning location for a honeymoon with a difference. You can get the best of both worlds on this island. You can have all the seclusion and privacy you want. Or get involved with the bustling nightlife and lively bars in some of the main resort areas. Hotels in Bali range from the most luxurious to a budget-friendly option. It could be the perfect place to honeymoon.

The Gold Coast
Why not use your honeymoon as an option to do a once in a lifetime trip and visit Australia. The gold coast, in particular, is popular for the keen surfer, or the avid spectator. But it isn’t just the cool waves on offer; it is a metropolitan location just south of Brisbane. The Gold Coast is home to some major attractions and would offer a wonderful location to honeymoon. Relax in some of the luxurious hotels, or venture out to the city or the beach. There is something for everyone here.


Barcelona_by_Moyan Brenn

Alternatively, you could consider a European adventure for your honeymoon. Choosing a city like Barcelona will not disappoint. You have the best of both worlds in this location. The picturesque beach and the vibrant city. Relax and unwind during the day and then head out into the bustling nightlife. A perfect honeymoon choice for any couple.

I hope this inspires you when it comes to choosing your honeymoon destination.


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