10 Must-Have Items For A Night Away From Home

Staying away from home for just a night? Getting the balance right between taking too much and not enough can be tricky. Here are 10 items to check you have packed before you lock your front door and head out.


You won’t be very comfy sleeping in your work suit or jeans! Take a long-sleeved pajama top and trousers. These mean you’ll feel comfortable wearing them even if want to nip out of your room. Go for lightweight material so they’re not heavy to carry around in your overnight bag.


Your host, hotel or hostel will probably have shower items you can use, like gel and shampoo. But there will be certain items more personal to you that you’ll want to have. Pack your skincare routine so you can stick with it. Take your toothbrush, of course, and your own toothpaste just in case there is none when you arrive.

Warm sweater

Different homes and hotels have different temperatures. Be prepared for the place where you’re going to be hotter or colder than what you’re used too. Packing a warm sweater is a good option. Make sure it is a soft and cosy one. This way you’ll just as happy wearing it to bed as you will around the house.

Ear plugs

Just as you can’t necessarily predict the temperature, you can’t predict sound levels either. Be prepared for noise from neighbours by packing a set of ear plugs. Keep a spare set by the bed in case one falls out during the night.

Contact lenses and/or glasses

If you forget your contact lenses, you might be tempted to sleep in them so you can use them the next day. This is not a good idea if your lenses are for one day only. You won’t even need to consider it if you remember to pack them. Similarly, take your glasses if you wear them. If you’re prone to breaking them, pack a spare pair too. Visionary have some great articles about wearing glasses and lenses. These include ‘How To Wear Makeup With Glasses’; handy!


It’s easy to remember our phones and laptops. It’s the chargers that get left behind! Don’t forget to pack yours. Wrap the wires carefully to prevent damage. If you charge your electronics up overnight, don’t forget to remove them from the plug socket the next morning.


Because you never know when a pesky headache might strike!

Bottle of water

There’s nothing worse than having to nip out of your room in the middle of the night for a glass of water! Pack your own and there will be no need. If it’s been depleted during the day, try to remember to refill it before bedtime.

Cereal bar

While breakfast might provided and hearty, it might not. Equally, you might not have time. Packing a cereal bar is a good solution. They last for a long time, so it won’t get wasted if you don’t need to eat it. They’re small and compact, and you’ll be so glad to have it in the morning if you are hungry.

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