Popular Tourist Hotspots That Can Be Accessed Through the Great Sydney Harbour

Sydney is one of the most beautiful and biggest Australian Cities that lies in the middle of a mesmerizing intermingling of sea and land. Many people flock to the Sydney Harbor just so they can get a chance to see the beauty and secrets this harbor holds.

A great way to take in all the beauty this city offers and see the popular tourist hotspots is to jump on a Sydney Harbor cruise. Here’s a little taste of the beautiful sites: get a scenic picture from the top of the Harbor Bridge, see the Sydney Opera House’s white sails, surf on the golden beaches and see wildlife in its primal form.

You ask what makes Sydney Harbour a global tourist hotspot. Let’s have a look at some of the beautiful places you can visit here while cruising on the shores of the Harbor:


1.     Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most popular and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the star attraction of the harbor with its graceful building and shell-shaped arches. It is surrounded by water and can be accessed through a ferry. You can make a pit stop and visit the Opera House for a tour or just stroll on the ground and have dinner at one of the restaurants lining the harbor. The Opera House has exhibition rooms, theatres, studios, a cinema and a concert hall.

2.     Sydney Harbor Bridge

Called the “Coathanger” by the locals, the Sydney Harbor Bridge was once the best tourist site in the city until the Opera House was constructed. The bridge has the largest steel arch in the world and it rises 134 meters high above the water. The bridge offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city. People can even book a “bridge climb” that takes daring souls to the top of the bridge.

3.     The Royal Botanic Garden

Once you are done with the tour at the Opera House, you can take a scenic stroll or jump on your ferry again to reach the Royal Botanic Garden, which lies on the same strip amongst other attractions.  The 30 hectares of this themed garden is full of towering trees, orchids, ferns, palm groves and fruit bats. Wait… there’s more! The Palace Rose Garden with its 1,800 roses and the Glasshouse Latitude 23 and Fernery, which allows you to gaze upon orchids, begonias and tropical foliage.

4.     Cockatoo Island

The Cockatoo Island can be accessed through a ferry on the Sydney Harbor. It is one of the most fascinating tourist sites, as it gives people deep insight into how the island came to be and its rich history. You can enjoy the view from the harbor’s edge or if you choose, you can camp outside, which tends to be an amazing experience.

There are dozens of more tourist sites that can be accessed through the Sydney Harbor. However, these do make it in the top ten and are recommended highly by every tourist.

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