Things to Do With Your Girlsquad in New York City

New York City is on the bucket list of holiday destinations for tonnes of people. There is so much going on in this vibrant, famous city that it is almost impossible not to want to see the place for yourself. What better place to visit for a break with a group of your very best friends? It’s an ideal way to explore somewhere new, and take advantage of the fabulous shopping on offer. How perfect could New York be if you love a little retail therapy with the girls? Of course, it’s not all about the shops. New York City has so much more to offer. In fact, it’s hard to know where to start!

Getting around in style

When we’re planning holidays, we often leave thinking about what we are actually going to do when we finally arrive until the day we get there. Sure, you’ve always wanted to visit a place and do all the things you’ve heard about and seen on the television and and films. But in a city like New York, unless you’re staying for quite some time, it’s almost impossible to fit it all in. If you’re desperate to see and do as much as you can? Well, you do have options!  And you don’t even have to hail a cab if you don’t want to. Taxies are tough in NYC. The drivers can border on downright rude, and you never feel like you’ve tipped correctly! If your girlfriends want to travel in style, you can rent a charter bus to get you safely from place to place.

Statue of Liberty_by_Sue Waters

Source: Sue W.


The Ultimate Lady

No trip to New York would be complete without visiting the Statue of Liberty. The All American Icon is situated in New York Harbour. America’s other “First Lady took nine years to build and opened in 1886. The neoclassical construction in breathtaking in size and stature, standing at just short of 100 metres. If you’re feeling energetic, you can climb the 354 steps that take you up to the iconic crown. Up at the very top here is where you’ll get the best views over New York and beyond. Definitely, not the ideal day to be wearing high heels, that’s for sure!
Macy's_by_Mike Mozart

Source: Mike Mozart.


Shop ‘til You Drop

The shopping in NYC is the ultimate experience for any true shopaholic. But where to start? You couldn’t possible not visit Macy’s. If you’re heading to the iconic store from overseas, don’t forget your passport. take it to the visitor’s centre where you’ll receive a handy 10% discount! Fifth avenue is another essential stop – all the stores synonymous with NY are here – Saks, Tiffany and co… the list goes on and on. If your budget is tight or you’re after something a little more individual, go to Brooklyn and check out the famous Flea Market.


Source: Silvan Hagen


Hit Broadway!

Going to Broadway is like heaven if you’re  fan of musical theatre. Go out and catch a show with your girlsquad – you won’t be disappointed. From classics like Fiddler on the Roof to the stage adaptation of “School of Rock,” you’ll find something to suit you and all your friends!


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