Travel Advice for Visiting Cities in the USA

If you have booked to visit a city in the United States, even if you are American, it can be a little daunting. If you have never been and it is a big city, you might have a few concerns. With planning and a little know-how, it doesn’t need to be a scary experience. You will want to enjoy it, so make sure that you do!

Whatever city you have chosen to visit, there will be a lot to do and see. One of the best pieces of advice is not to go to sleep the evening before unless you know what your plan is for the next day. City trips are quite action packed and you don’t want to waste anytime. Make a plan for the next day. Use a map, on your phone, might be easier, and plan your day. Think about what you will see and do and even where you might eat. If you will take your own food, make sure you know where there is a supermarket to get things from. Having a phone with access to wifi is a must I think. Then you can check all of these things out.

It could even be worth planning the way you will travel. Have you rented a car? If you have, looking up the best places to park is a great idea too. If it will cost to park, make sure that you check online how much it will be and how you pay. Then if you need change, you can get some. You don’t want to just aimlessly drive around. Will you get a taxi when you are out? If that is your preferred method of transport, think about the cheapest way to do it. You also want to travel safely and feel safe, so it might be a good idea to pre-book your taxi. There are so many apps that you can download ahead of time to make your trip easier. Apps like Lyft allow you to book a taxi in advance. Look for a Lyft promo code and then you can even save a little money on your journey.

It is a good idea not to make too many timed reservations unless you need to. Yes, you will have a rough plan of your day planned out. But it doesn’t allow for delays in travel or seeing things that you want to do as and when. You might walk past somewhere that you didn’t know about and want to visit it. There might be your favourite bakery or store that you walk past and just have to go in. You don’t want to miss out because you have to get to a dinner reservation.

A great piece of advice is to travel light. Think about the essentials that you need and don’t deviate too far from that. You don’t want to have to lug a large case around a city or subway system, in a city that you don’t know. Pack according to the seasons too. In cities like New York and Chicago, it can get so cold. If you’ve come from California for example, make sure that you have your hat, gloves and thick coat packed!

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