Thinking about taking a cruise this year? Choose Alaska

Alaska is one of the world’s most popular destinations for cruising, and if you’re considering taking a cruise this year but haven’t yet narrowed down where you’d like to go, it’s the perfect opportunity to choose Alaska.

The scenery in North America is incredible, and most of the Alaskan cruises will go through the famous Inside Passage, meaning you’ll be sailing past islands, fjords, inlets, and mountains as you travel from Juneau to Vancouver or vice versa.

If you love wildlife, you’ll be in heaven as there are numerous opportunities to see the kind of wildlife that you simply won’t be able to see anywhere else. Cruising to Alaska is also an excellent choice for those who love to get outdoors, since you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor activities. You can expect to see orca and humpback whales, while bird lovers should also bring their cameras since there are often puffins, bald eagles and arctic terns hanging around. And for those who love bears, travelling in the summer will give you a good chance of seeing Grizzly’s hanging out and hunting for salmon, while you can also expect to see sea lions and moose.

There’s little doubt that most people love to travel, but the actual getting from point A to point B is rarely any fun. Often you’ll need to get up early, travel to the airport, stand in line at check in and security while hoping your bag isn’t overweight, and then cross your fingers that you’ll have time to grab a coffee before you’re on the plane.

Once you’re actually on the plane, you’re sitting way too close to an absolute stranger, eating bad plane food, and counting down the hours until you arrive. Then you need to still get to your hotel and check in, and if you’re visiting more than one destination in one trip, you can expect to go through this process multiple times.

Instead, make the choice to see the beauty of Alaska on a cruise, and you’ll have no regrets. Once you’re on your cruise ship, you only need to unpack your clothes once, and then you’ll be taken to each destination, often while you sleep. You’re unlikely to get bored on a cruise, and can enjoy the fabulous entertainment, delicious food, great bars and clubs, or just relax and lie by the pool or grab a massage in the spa.

You can also expect to stop at a number of different towns while you’re cruising, giving you a chance to get off the ship and go explore. Some of these towns include Ketchikan, Skagway, and Juneau, and you’ll also be able to learn about the history and culture of the people who live here.

Another great reason to take an Alaskan cruise? The ships are luxurious, with 5-star amenities and excellent food choices, so you’ll feel like you’re being spoiled whenever you’re on board.

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