Top Budget Picks for 2016

Travelling low-budget can be a great experience, especially if you plan everything thoroughly and if you choose the wisest destinations for your pockets. In 2016, we will be delighted to visit a great range of amazing places that are more budget-friendly than ever, so check out some of the following suggestions and “steal” some inspiration for your next year’s travel plans.


Uniquely exotic and full of grace and interesting attractions, Nepal has recovered from the devastating earthquake that shook them not very long ago. Now that the country is safe to travel to again, you can definitely expect it to be on many travellers’ lists in 2016 – so why wouldn’t you be among them too? This destination will most likely be quite budget-friendly next year, as they are still recovering economically, so you can definitely get to see it for a smaller sum of money.

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Sydney_by_Corey Leopold

If you are a British traveller, here’s some great news: the Australian Dollar – British Pound currency has reached its best conversion rate in more than six years. What does that have to do with travelling?

A lot. If you travel from Great Britain, now’s your chance to see Australia – a very popular destination for British travellers, but very frequently seen as a very expensive option too. Because you will get much better conversion rates for the local currency, you will also save a lot of money – which also means that you can travel for much cheaper in 2016. Pack your bags and set your destination for the Australian beauties – it will be more than unforgettable!


Hoi An at night_by_Loi Nguyen Duc

If you prefer a more Asian destination and if you have always wanted to see Vietnam, you should definitely place it on your list for 2016. Most budget travellers agree that Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi have been among the most money-friendly Asian destinations for a long time – and they will continue to stay like that throughout the following year as well. Ready to enjoy some Vietnamese uniqueness?

Bosnia and Herzegovina


If you want to travel in Europe, but if you want to avoid expensive cities and countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina is your best bet. Truly charming and special, this country will provide you with some amazing sightseeing, beautiful castles, a fascinating culture, delicious foods – and all for the small prices too. The accommodation here doesn’t cost a lot, the intercity traveling options are great and even adrenaline-inducing activities are more than budget-friendly. What could you want more from a travel destination?

Costa Rica

Golden sunrise in Cahuita, Costa Rica_by_Armando Maynez

If you have always wanted to visit Costa Rica, 2016 will be a great year to do this. This location is announced to be among the most budget-friendly destinations next year, so you can save a lot of money and get to see an amazing place as well. There are plenty of amazing sights to see and even more fun activities to fill your time with while here, so you will definitely love every single second of your vacation in Costa Rica.

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