Top Places to go When You’re a Solo Female Traveller

Travelling to foreign places can be a scary thing to do regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. However, females tend to be easier targets for pickpockets and scammers, so if you plan on traveling alone as a lady, you should definitely be as picky as possible with your destination. Don’t get us wrong, awful things happen all over the world, but choosing a safer destination will lower the odds anything bad happens to you while away.

What are the best place to go when you’re a solo female traveller? We have gathered some suggestions right below – so read on if you want to find out more.


Fascinating and more than generous with its tourists, Denmark is a really safe place overall. As a Northern country, Denmark has plenty of fascinating places you could visit, so you will never get bored while there. We suggest Copenhagen, as it is known to be safe for tourists of all kinds and it can also provide you with some pretty amazing spots to visit as well.


HAWAII ...._by_Scott Hudson

The United States is quite generous with the number of attractions it can offer tourists – and many of these locations are perfectly safe for solo female travellers too. However, if you are searching for an exotic destination and still want to feel completely safe while there, Hawaii is a great option. Our suggestion is going to Hilo, as it is the largest island in Hawaii and it can be absolutely fascinating to visit. With more than 40,000 people living there and with a myriad of superb sceneries you can check out as well.


Orange cast at S. Torpes

Unique and warm, Portugal is a great travel destination all year round. Its beaches, its cities and its amazingly delicious dishes will amaze you from so many points of view that it will be almost impossible not to build amazingly unforgettable memories while there. For a solo female traveller, we suggest Setubal, a smaller city with great attractions. Tasty seafood, amazing wines and the nearby Serra da Arrabida National Park will all conquer your heart and make you want to come back at least once more!


France-000537_by_Dennis Jarvis

Splendid and unforgettable, France is an amazing destination regardless of whether you are a man or a woman or if you travel solo or in a group. Marseille is the second largest city in the entire country and it can provide you with amazing foods and wines, as well as with a lot of cultural heritage spots that will be absolutely charming. Bewitchingly beautiful and unique, this part of France is also very safe for a solo female traveller – so you should encounter absolutely no issues whatsoever.

These are just some of the most solo traveller-friendly locations you can visit – but rest assured that there are many others, on every single continent on Earth. Make sure to choose safe accommodation and to keep yourself safe while away and you will definitely have the time of your life!

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