Travel Tips for New Digital Nomads

With the latest changes to our work life balance allowing for more flexibility with the promise of working from home well into the future, it has enabled many of us to explore new options whilst working whilst travelling, the digital nomad lifestyle is something that many before have tried and found a passion for but if you’re just starting out it can often be difficult to know where to start and what to avoid – so here are some tips to help get you started on your new remote working journey.

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Pack light, but pack smart ­– It goes without saying that if you’re travelling around a lot, the way you pack will likely have a huge impact on your experience. You’ll often be told to pack as light as possible, keeping just the essentials with you, as this is because you don’t want to get caught up at public transport spots or at the airport lugging multiple bags around. There are many ways to pack smarter though from vacuum pack options to the type of bag that you choose to travel with, all may drastically reduce the time it takes you to travel and in turn increase your enjoyment of the process too.

Monitor what apps and programs you keep on your devices – Whilst you may have complete freedom in your home country to use whichever apps or programs you like, you may not find the same in every country you visit and forgetting to turn off your VPN or going on autopilot to play your favourite mobile game like those found at where certain gambling or gaming services may be illegal, could land you in a spot of bother – read up on the rules of the country ahead of time, and if you discover something you use on the day to day is restricted or not allowed at all, make sure you use your best efforts to ensure that it isn’t in use or remove it temporarily for your stay in that particular location.

Take advantage of the many deals and services out there – Travel doesn’t need to be expensive, and if you’re looking to work remotely whilst on the road then cutting down on costs can certainly help you stretch your budget that much further. Turn to local forums and message boards and you’ll likely be able to find a huge number of tips for ways to save a little extra where you currently are, and making use of different online services that help to find the best deal for transport links or flights for example can make a huge difference too – you might not always be able to find a big saving, but the occasions you are able to will feel that much better.

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