Your Winter Break Checklist: The Things you mustn’t forget to Pack Ahead of a Winter Break

Your Winter Break Checklist: The Things you mustn’t forget to Pack Ahead of a Winter Break

Travelling in the winter is a fantastic option. Of course, you do not benefit from the long days and good weather, but there are many advantages to travelling to places in the colder months. To start with there are certainly far fewer tourists around, which means less queuing and, often, lower prices.

However, if you want to get the most out of winter travel, you need to be properly prepared. That means packing the essentials.

Warm clothes

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.21.51 PMPacking the right warm knitwear is your starting point. A good hat, gloves, a scarf and at least two jumpers or cardigans are the basics. Try to choose items that you can easily co-ordinate. Doing this will give you plenty of outfit combinations without the need for you to carry a lot of clothes.

Opt for light layers to stay in control

Dressing in layers will help you to stay warmer. So be sure to make the rest of your wardrobe up of lighter shirts and tops that can be worn in combination, one over the other. The aim is to be able to mix and match your tops and blouses, so you can, for example, wear a shirt over a t-shirt if it is cold.

Trousers are usually best

In most cases, for a winter break, trousers or jeans are the best options. However, if you want to you can also pack a pair of light jogging pants. That way you can still enjoy a run when it is warm enough to do so.

These can also easily be worn under your jeans on particularly cold days. Another alternative is to take leggings with you to wear under trousers. If you choose long boots you can also potentially pair them with a warm jersey dress. This is a great option for eating out in a nice restaurant.

Good boots or closed in shoes
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.22.48 PM

Most of the time, boots are the best option. They will keep your feet warm and comfortable. It is important to buy a pair that can be waterproofed. Drying out a pair of shoes or boots out overnight in a hotel, B&B or hostel is not always possible. If they are waterproof this will not be a problem you will have to deal with. Make sure they are well worn in, but check that the sole is not cracked or coming away from the upper before you pack them. It is best not to wear shoes or boots with thin soles. If you do, your feet will quickly get cold when you are standing around waiting for a bus or taxi.

The right cosmetics

When travelling in cold weather, you need to remember to protect your skin. If you do not wear the right kind of moisturizer it is all too easy for your face and hands to end up drying out. You can read more about the right way to look after your skin on colder trips by reading this post.


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