Top 5 Destinations in Southern Spain

Spain is a wonderful destination for many reasons including: the beautiful architecture, tapas and extremely inexpensive wine. If you haven’t yet visited Spain, you may be surprised to learn that the South of Spain is home to many wonderful destinations – so many that it can be hard to fit them all into a self organised trip. If you’re planning to visit quite a few destinations in Southern Spain you may find that Southern Spain Tours offer exceptional value while allowing you to visit many of the highlights southern Spain has to offer. If you’re still in the research stage and wonderful what gems Southern Spain has dotted about, check out my top 5 destinations in Southern Spain:

1. Granada
This lively town in Spain has to be one of my favourite places in the world. Here you’ll find an incredibly stunning fortress named the Alhambra – you can easily spend an entire day exploring the perfectly maintained gardens and exquisite architecture. The Alhambra originally served as a Moorish Palace for the emirs when Granada was under Islamic Rule. You’ll also find numerous cathedrals and castles sprinkled in this beautiful town. It’s also one of the best places in all of Spain for tapas as often drinks are served with little snacks. Make sure you pack a few extra batteries for your time in Granada, because you’ll want to take a lot of photos. It’s really one of the most special places in all of Spain and I hope you’ll consider adding it to your Southern Spain itinerary.
2. Malaga 

Who doesn’t love a beach? There’s nothing quite like visiting a beach in Spain, with the beautiful yellow sand, bright sunny weather and flocks of people enjoying their summer vacations. The town itself is quite lovely and is sprinkled with numerous excellent high quality restaurants and ice-cream shops to help you beat the heat of the day. Make sure to try a paella here – a famous Spanish dish of rice and often made with seafood. I personally love the black squid ink version and the very first time I tried it was in Malaga. This is a wonderful place to eat delicious and extremely fresh seafood, so it will be a hit with the foodies!

3. Cordoba

If you’re a fan of wonderful buildings, then this will be a must-see destination on your adventure throughout Southern Spain. Mezquita – also known as the great Mosque-cathedral of Cordoba, is adored around the world for the exception design as well as the fact it combines both religious histories, ensuring a constant flow of tourists throughout the year. Be sure to spend some time in the Jewish quarter; here you’ll find middle-aged achitecture. Be sure to take a stroll across the Roman Bridge, housed above the Guadalquivir River. If you can plan your trip to coincide with spring, you’ll enjoy two benefits: cooler weather and Cordoba hosts an assortment of citywide fiestas during the spring months.

4. Sierra Nevada

Many people head to Spain to avoid the harshest part of winter in Europe – they visit Barcelona in a bid to catch a little sunshine. But if you’re a ski or snowboarder, you’ll be delighted to know that Spain actually has it’s own mountain range that becomes a skier’s dream during the cooler months. The Sierra Nevada mountain range is actually one of the most southern ranges in all of Europe. Sierra Nevada towers over the stunning town of Granada, which we mentioned above, ensuring that you can mix a wonderful cultural experience with your next ski holiday. During the warmer months this is still a gold mine for sports lovers; here in the National Park you’ll find hiking trails, rock climbing areas and numerous mountain biking paths. It’s also an extremely photogenic part of Spain, so be sure to take a bunch of photos.

5. Seville 

This is the largest tourist hot spot in all of Southern Spain and for good reason. Here you’ll find the incredible Plaza de España, as well as numerous must-see cathedrals, including the world’s third largest church. There’s numerous museums, ancient architecture, and an incredible array of extremely high quality restaurants. Feel like exploring a little history? Why not head to the Museum of the Indies to see the diary of Christopher Columbus. If you’re planning a trip during the spring, consider visiting for Semana Santa which is the holy week during Easter. Be warned that Serville can become extremely hot during the heat of summer, so it’s best to visit during the shoulder season when the temperatures will be lower and the streets less crowded.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the great destinations Spain has to offer? Consider checking out small group tours to Spain to see what you can see on a tour. It takes a lot of the pressure off organising where to go when there’s so much to do and see in this wonderful country.

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