Hosting a Classy Dinner Party in 5 Steps

Hosting parties is a great way to bring all your busy friends and family together. Everyone loves to have an event to go to, and the more successful and glamorous your parties are, the more your loved ones will look forward to them. Being the known host of the group means people will rely on you to host the biggest events of the season, and they’ll be talking about your party for months, both before and after. To get you started on being known for hosting the classiest, most glamorous of dinners, follow these steps:

1. Send Out Invitations

Once you have chosen a date, it is time to send out the invitations. To truly make your dinner party the most glamorous, classiest affair, send out paper invitations. These handwritten invitations will make your guests truly appreciate the effort that you are going to put into your planning and hosting. Once the invitations have surely reached all your guests, it is time to send them an e-invite as well. This invite is how they can easily RSVP, learn of any event updates, and be reminded when the event approaches.

2. Plan What Space to Use

Once you have your invites sent out and a clear idea of who will be coming, it’s time to plan how you’ll use your home. Your dining area, kitchen, and ideally a living room will have to be sectioned off and cleared to allow for many people to mingle comfortably. Likewise, people will also need places to sit, so dispersing your furniture around these areas once the dinner is over will make sure your guests can enjoy themselves throughout the night.

3. Upgrade Your Accents

If your home isn’t the ideal setting for a classy dinner party, it’s time to upgrade it. Add instant luxury with chandeliers over your dining table or in the front foyer, or repaint the walls. There are many options to spruce up your place and these changes are ones that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your time living there.

4. Prepare a Delicious Meal Ahead of Time

The highlight of any dinner party is the food and drink you are going to serve. In terms of drink, it’s easy to have a stocked fridge for options and bottles of wine bought in advance. Food, however, takes preparation. No matter how classy a night you want to host, you still need to choose food options that can be prepared for in advance. Ideally the food you will choose will only have to be cooked once your guests arrive, so they can have fresh, hot food.

5. Be the Perfect Host

The perfect host is one that loves what she or he is doing. They are one that love being around their friends, and love being the one responsible for everyone’s merriment. The key to being a good host is to enjoy hosting.

Hosting a party is difficult, but very rewarding. If you find it’s too hard to do everything yourself, enlist in your friends and family to help. Planning together can also be very rewarding and fun, and you’ll be sure to throw an epic party all the same.

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