4 Interior Design Tips For Your Home This Summer

Once summer has well and truly taken hold, what better way to enjoy the long, warm, sunny days than in the company of your nearest and dearest? If you’re planning exciting social gatherings in the comfort of your own home, it’s important that you get your home summer ready, and get your interior design looking and feeling fresh. Make the most of the natural light afforded, choose new furnishings, have a thorough summer clean, and don’t forget to clean up the BBQ in time for having al fresco dinner! Air purifying plants such aloe vera and bamboo fern, and aromatic citrus candles will helpyour home smell inviting and welcoming for your guests.60B9A278-540A-40F5-A787-FADD33858338

Make The Most Of Natural Light

Draw back the drapes or shutters and push open the windowsin your rooms to make the most of the natural summer sunshine. If you’re concerned about insects flying into your home, you can install mesh or attach a piece of fabric to act as a barrier. Turn your attention to your windows and look to see if you could benefit from upgrading your current windows to classic, stylish sash windows available at Timber Windows Direct. These can help to open up more space with the use oflarge window panes and sills available to grow plants, flowers, and even some fruits in the heat of the sunlight.

Show Off Your Elegant Glassware

This summer, display your glassware instead of keeping it hidden away in the cupboard. Ornate glassware such as decanters and carafes can be beautiful and look more like pieces of art rather than just drinkware alone. Use attractive mason jars to store tea bags, coffee, sugar, and grains and display them on your kitchen surfaces, or in a rack or fully sided shelf, alongside glass vases filled with wildflowers.

Create A Cool Reading Space

Create a relaxed reading area in your home with the help of some comfortable seating such as cushions, pillows, and lightweight throws and set them up facing the window. You can create a cozy nook if you have a bay window, or you can push a large armchair up to a light and bright spot in your living room, for example. Decorate this area with plants in pots of calming colors like blues, pastel greens, and creams, alongside a small portable fan to keep you cool as you read.

Replace Drapes

Replace heavy, darkcolored fabric drapes with either roller blinds in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, in favor of shutters in light colors to make your house feel cooler, lighter, and brighter. Store your drapes somewhere safe and impenetrable for small bugs and moths. Replace carpet with tile or laminate flooring if you want to go one step further in ensuring that your home feels cool this summer. If you’verelied on your drapes and soft furnishings to inject a splash of color into your home, then add bouquets of vibrant flowers or paint a feature wall in a shade of baby blue or pastel pink in their place.

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