5 Quick And Easy Tips on How to Beautify your Living Room

Of all the areas in your house, the living room is by far one of the most important ones. It is the beating heart of your home. The living room is your entertainment center, the place for cozy movie nights with the family and where your guests mingle when they visit. So if you have an impulse to decorate your living room but you don’t know where to start? And your ideas for living room design often stray far from reality. Do not fret, here are some quick easy tips on how to decorate your dream living room like it come out straight from the magazine. 

Scale and proportion

The idea of scale and proportion revolves around how items fit together in your space. Proportion refers to how well those pieces fit together. Scale refers to how well your pieces fit in your space. Even before you have all your living room design ideas on paper, you need to have an accurate measurement. From window treatments, furniture, and rugs, your entire living room design. Scale and proportion are also important when adding accessories and finishing touches. A general guideline is to keep items no taller or wider than one-third the length or the height of the piece it will sit on. Doing this results in a natural rhythm and flow.

Add Wall Art & Accessories

Decorating your living room will not be complete without wall art and accessories. Don’t go overboard thinking that every inch of the room needs to be filled. Empty space is important in designing comfortable spaces as it provides a place for your eyes to rest. Including wall art like farmhouse sign and accessories like pillows, blankets, mirrors, decorative items will pull the space together and complete the look. 

Choose the right lighting

You can have some fun when it comes to choosing the right lighting for your home. you can play around with the pieces you add. You can use a statement lamp on one side that goes with your side table, but on the other side, choose a floor lamp that provides different lighting. You can also adorn your walls with fairy lights to create a dreamy feel. It’s also important to layer in well-planned task lighting, to ensure that form and function are equally addressed.

Decide on Your Color Scheme

When it comes to living room ideas, choosing the right paint color is important. Color sets the mood in your living room. From walls to decor to furniture, you want to make sure to choose a color scheme that complements the overall style in your room.

Find a focal point

The focal point should be the first thing you see when entering a room. If possible, build your furniture arrangement around the focal point. Look around your room to determine the “biggest” feature. It may be a fireplace, a picture window, or a bookcase. This will generally be your focal point. If your room has no distinguishing architectural features, identify the largest furniture pieces. These could become your focal point.

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