The best ways to keep your real estate office clean

If you run your own business, you’re probably well aware of the importance of keeping the office clean. This is particularly true in real estate when you’re likely to have clients and potential buyers and sellers coming and going.

When offices aren’t kept clean, employees take more sick days due to illness- something that can seriously damage your productivity and bottom line. Not to mention, no one wants to work somewhere that’s covered in clutter and dust- unclean offices are bad for employee morale.

So how do you keep your real estate office clean? Here are some top tips:

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Hire a cleaning company

Realistically, your employees are going to be very unhappy if you’re expecting them to do deep cleaning in the office. Not to mention, they’re simply unlikely to do as good of a job as a company that provides commercial cleaning services. In particular, when you hire commercial carpet cleaning services in Des Moines, IAor in an area local to you, they can specialize in a thorough cleaning of carpets which can be a problematic area that traps dust, dirt and allergens that can affect employee health. Hiring professionals for all areas of cleaning can be beneficial to your office space. 

Delegate tasks

While your employees won’t want to be constantly cleaning, there’s nothing wrong with creating a list of office chores. These could include wiping down the desks, cleaning out the fridge once a week, watering the plants, and more. Small, easy-to-manage tasks can help the office stay clean and tidy throughout the day.

Create good storage options

In real estate, it’s a given that you’re likely to have a lot of papers, folders, contracts, and more. However, this doesn’t mean that they need to be piled on desks. Instead, make sure your employees have plenty of options for storage- including online and in filing cabinets, desk drawers, shelves, and more.

When everything has its place, it’s much easier to prevent clutter from becoming overwhelming.

Make a Clean Desk Policy

Encourage employees to take five minutes before they leave to remove any clutter, file any documents, and wipe down their desks. Not only is this regular maintenance cleaning a good way to help staff keep on top of cleaning and clutter, but it means they’re starting their day off with a nice clean desk- and that’s great for morale and productivity.

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