How to Choose a Piece of Statement Furniture When Revamping Your Home

Pieces of statement furniture can really inject some personality into your living space. And even though many interior designers will tell you to play it safe with your furniture and add quirky touches with your accessories, sometimes it’s worth taking the risk. A statement piece can really help you to set the overall tone of the room, creating a breath-taking impact that will wow your guests.

Here are some top tips when choosing this statement piece:


Make Sure It Works with the Rest of Your Furnishings

Even though statement pieces are meant to make a statement (believe it or not!), it’s important that they fit in with the rest of your furnishings too. For example, Carl Hansen chairs from companies like Skandium will complement a range of minimalistic, contemporary interiors, helping you to tie together your individual features wonderfully. It’s important that the piece you choose doesn’t look too staged when it’s put in situ, so always pick items of furniture that complement the era of your statement piece.

When choosing this piece, opt for a bold design or a bold pattern, not both. This will help you to create that dramatic touch without going too overboard.

Don’t Have Too Many Things Competing

If you love bold accessories, quirky patterns and vibrant colours, it can be easy to get carried away when adding things to your living space. But try not to have too many statement pieces conflicting each other. Statement pieces need to be able to hold their own and if they’re cluttered amongst other distinguished things, they can lose their overall effect.


Style the Rest of Your Room Around It

When you’re revamping your entire room, you may want to use your statement piece to style the rest of your design. If you’ve opted for something with a strong pattern, complement this by picking different shades out of it to unite the rest of your accessories with this statement piece. Alternatively, if you’ve gone for one solid colour, make your piece stand out even further by adding to it with different hues and complementing patterns.

Statement pieces aren’t for those who are afraid of committing to one piece of furniture but if you’re confident about what you’ve chosen, it can bring an entire room together. Remember – be bold in your choice and unleash your personality because that’s what statement pieces were made for!

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