Cute Accessories Every Home Office Needs

Thanks to the internet, more of us than ever are able to have jobs where we work from home. Whether you run a business, do Youtube, blog, write or freelance in any other capacity, a home office to work from is essential. A space that you’re happy with will make you feel inspired and more productive, and so it’s important to put a bit of thought into your working environment. Here are some of the cute accessories you can get to spruce up your home office.

Comfy Desk Chair

When you spend a lot of time sat at your desk to work, a good desk is absolutely crucial. You need something that properly supports your back and feels comfortable to sit in too. Rather than just order something online, it can be helpful to go into different shops and physically sit in a variety of models. Work out what you like and what you don’t, and really think through your decision. If a computer chair isn’t quite comfy enough, you could go for something a bit more padded. While a standard three piece suite armchair probably isn’t going to work, you can get armchair style desk chairs in a variety of shapes and sizes.



Adding plants and fresh flowers to your office will really help to liven up the space, and add a splash of colour. You could treat yourself to a bouquet every few weeks, or go with something low maintenance like cacti instead. Terrariums are a popular home decor pieces at the moment, and they’re good as they allow to you to add lots of different cacti to the same little container.

Storage Systems

Whether it’s to store stock, materials or just important paperwork- good storage shouldn’t be overlooked. But if you want something a bit nicer to look at, there are other options than a boring filing cabinet. Pretty storage bins and baskets can be lined up on shelves, or for your desk, you could go with chic clear acrylic Muji storage.

Inspirational Wall Art

Hang a quote or saying that you love above your desk for a daily boost of inspiration.You could even go with a gallery wall instead and display a mixture of customised photo prints! You can get lovely foil prints that look amazing up on the wall, collect postcards or even create your own pieces of art to hang up.



Every home office needs good stationery. You can really have fun with it here, and pick cute items you love the look of. From adorable post-it-note holders to pretty notepads to personalized stationery. Get fun versions of office essentials- for example, colorful paper clips and push pins instead of standard ones. You could buy staplers, hole punches, and scissors in colors that match your office decor. It’s a nice way to brighten up your desk and allows you to customize your workspace much more than if you were at a regular office.

A Desk Lamp

When deadlines are looming, a desk lamp is needed for those late night working sessions! Pick something that looks great with the rest of your decor as the perfect finishing touch to your desk. You could pick a shade that matches the walls and other accessories, or pick a sleek metal. Copper and rose gold are popular choices and makestunning accent metals.

Do you work from home? If so, how have you personalized your home office space?

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