A Guide to Creating a Sustainable Outdoor Space

Sustainability should always be at the forefront of your mind when transforming your outdoor space. By keeping that as your priority, it can ultimately help you to create a beautiful, eco-friendly garden that is easy to maintain. So, whether you are hoping to transform your residential garden or commercial exterior, read the following helpful guide to creating a sustainable outdoor space.

Welcome Bug-Eating Birds

If an outdoor space is experiencing a bug problem, which is impacting your shrubs, lawn, and flowers, as well as your happiness, you should try to attract bug-eating birds. Instead of using chemicals to banish the insects as this can negatively affect the planet, simply add a bird feeder into your exterior design. Placing a bird feeder into your space will help you naturally and effectively combat the problem without the need for harmful toxins.


Hang Energy Efficient Lighting

Are you planning to use lighting to brighten an exterior? LED lights will be the ideal option for your outdoor space, as they are energy efficient. Using energy efficient lights can reduce your electricity consumption and, in turn, your energy bill. Therefore, it is perfect for lighting your trees, shrubs, decking, or patio area, especially ready for long summer nights.

Utilize Solar Power

Many homeowners rely on electricity to power their ponds and water features; however, solar power is an eco-friendly solution for your outdoor space. Water Garden offers a wide range of solar-powered water features and pond pumps. These solar-powered features can help you create a beautiful, sustainable space without damaging the environment.

Embrace Organic Gardening

Anyone hoping to create a sustainable outdoor space must consider organic gardening. This requires you to avoid fertilizers that are full of harmful chemicals that will damage the earth and instead build a natural compost that is rich in nutrients, using garden clippings and food waste, such as fruit, vegetables, and eggshells. It will effectively nourish your garden without adding to landfills. It can develop a rich, organic soil that can increase permeability and filtrations while providing a healthy root environment for a more sustainable garden.

Invest in a Drainage System

Keep your plants healthy by installing an effective drainage system. It will help you to continually enjoy a greener outdoor space while saving money on a water bill. The system will recycle rainwater to water your lawn, plants, and flowers.

Add Indigenous Plants

If you want to add personality and life to your garden, plants are a great way to do so. However, try to only incorporate indigenous plants into the space, as they will require fewer fertilizers or pesticides to flourish. What’s more, you will also need to provide them with less water, and you can trust they will complement local insects and animals.

Use Recyclable Materials

One person’s junk could become a treasure for your outdoor space. Aim to use leftover materials from projects to create a stunning exterior design, which will wow your visitors. For instance, you can use old bricks to create a DIY barbecue, repurposed wood to create garden decking, or you can turn an old tin bucket into an attractive flower pot.

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