Is Vinyl Flooring Better When Determined By its Thickness?

If you are finding yourself stuck on the decision when it comes to fitting luxury vinyl flooring – with many believing that having a thicker layer is the key to having the ultimate protection when it comes to their floor – here is some news for you to help, make up your mind.

Some people are under the impression that a thinner vinyl product is more subject to damage whilst others believe it requires extra thickness to incorporate all of the properties that make it a durable product.

To this end, we like to look if it comes down to the thickness and does it matter when matched up against its thinner product.

The Use

First, you have to consider the room it is intended for and how the heavy foot traffic is reflected within it. If it is a living room or kitchen, these are two rooms that amount to the highest levels of heavy foot traffic within a home. You will need to examine the current floor and if it will act as your subfloor, and what kind of condition that subfloor currently is. Then we look at what kind of vinyl you are looking to lay over the top of it.

The answer typically is that thicker vinyl does not mean that it is more durable than its thinner counterpart. It all rests on the wear layer.

Wear Layer

Your wear layer is the most important part of the protective process as this is the protective force against scratches, dents, stains, and moisture from water or steam.

When it comes down to thick and thin layers, it is the decision between specific rooms in general. If you have high foot traffic in rooms such as kitchens or living room areas, then ideally the thicker level is more considered. In lower-level rooms such as bathrooms or the bedroom, you would ideally go for a thinner wear layer plank or tile to add extra comfort underfoot.

Subfloor Effect

The condition of your subfloor affects your overall decision in choosing the thickness.

In the case where the subfloor is set to be existing tiles, you need to ensure that no loose tiles are among them, and the surface is leveled straight providing a perfect subfloor for a thicker vinyl floor.

As there are many different designs and styles of luxury vinyl flooring, you need to be sure that the product you choose is fit for how you are looking to set out your room and implement things within it. If you have items in the room that are extremely heavy or are not fitted with felt padding on the feet, you need to ensure that the vinyl is suitable and not easily damaged due to its thickness, maybe being too thin.

All of the lowest price Amtico floorings offer warranty and protection, but being sure of which type is required for specific rooms saves even more time and money in the long run.

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