Here’s why you should buy in Cheshire

Are you considering buying a property? It turns out that Cheshire might be the place to do it. A recent infographic by Laurus Homes has proven that #ExploringCheshire is a great idea for many people.

The county is perfect if you love driving through picturesque countryside and finding thriving towns. There are a number of new housing developments to check out, and it’s easy to see why so many people believe that Cheshire is an incredible place to live. As part of the infographic, 600 people from across the UK were polled to find out where they would most like to live and what types of things they look for when they’re choosing a home.


One of these key things is (not surprisingly) what the property is worth. There are currently housing developments throughout the county, including in Chester, Congleton, Daresbury, and Wincham. According to Zoopla, in March 2018, average prices were £245,703, which was an increase of 2.59% from the year before. Detached homes are the most popular, with 53% of the people polled saying that this was their preferred type of home.

The most expensive area is Mottram St Andrea, while Golborne is the cheapest area to buy.

Cheshire is a great place to live for a number of reasons. For families, in particular, there is a wide range of activities for parents and kids. These include the Zoo, Delamere Forest, the Botanic Gardens, The Aquarium, the Ice Cream Farm, and more. If you love to shop, you’ll also love Cheshire, where there are plenty of different options, from outlets to small artisan stores.

Cheshire simply has a great lifestyle as well. With activities throughout the year to enjoy, like beer festivals, food and drink festivals, blues and music festivals, pride, and more.

Looking for work? There are many major businesses based here, which means plenty of opportunities to find work. Some of the largest companies are a quick commute away, including Essar Oil, Lookers, Certas Energy UK, and more.

Properties are being developed throughout the county, which is why now is the time to buy. Along with the developments already mentioned, there are future developments planned for Haslington, Wincham, and Chester.

Cheshire has been popular since the Stone Age and is likely to remain popular for a long tie. Luxury homes are a large part of the property market here, and you’ll find some of the county’s most impressive historic residences here. Sometimes, these come up for sale- giving you the option to live in a piece of history.

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