Hidden Gems in Prague

At the confluence between the East and the West, Prague is a marvellous destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. Somewhat Russian and still very Western European, Prague bears its history and culture with a lot of grace – which is precisely what makes it so charming and bewildering at the same time too.

What are some of the best hidden gems in Prague, the place you should absolutely visit when you get there? We have gathered some suggestions – so read on if you need some inspiration.

The Alternative Art

As you will see it too, Prague is very much in love with its art. In fact, the relationship between Prague and its artists is as beautiful as the most amazing love stories of all time. And although there’s a lot of old art in the old city of Prague, there’s a lot of brand new, alternative and intriguing art happening too.

Some examples include  David Černý’s Meetfactory (a renovated factory that now hosts a beautiful variety of art projects), the  Švandovo divadlo avant-garde theatre and  galleryNoD (a gallery that will definitely please your appetite for beautiful works of contemporary art).

The  Divoká Šárka Valley

Right at the edge of Prague 6, the  Divoká Šárka is great for those of you who want to escape “out in the wilderness” and enjoy some fresh air. From hiking to golfing, there are a lot of outdoor activities you can do here and they will all fill you with joy. The landscapes are truly beautiful, the atmosphere is relaxing and the vicinity of the big city makes this a truly great spot to visit when in Prague.

The National Technical Museum

The name of this attraction may sound boring – but the place is absolutely fascinating in itself, especially if you are passionate about technical stuff. The National Technical Museum will provide you with an amazing array of exhibitions that range from old photography equipment to mining tools and an entire history of technological development. Definitely worth visiting if you reach Prague soon!

Arthouse Cinemas

Of course, Prague has plenty of big cinemas showing the latest Hollywood productions. But if you want to get a taste of the most amazing national productions and if you want to understand the Czechoslovak culture better, you should definitely visit one of their Arthouse Cinemas (Kino Aero, Bio Oko, etc.).

These cinemas feature older Czechoslovak movies (from the 1960s and 1970s), but they also show newer national productions too – and they are all a delight for any type of movie-lover. Most of these films are English-friendly too, so you shouldn’t worry that you won’t understand what the actors are saying.


Prague is a hidden gem in its own right, with a splendour and uniqueness that are purely Czechoslovak in their very nature. Mesmerizing, fascinating and extremely diverse, this European city is a must-see for every self-respectable traveller adventuring across the German borders that draw an imaginary line in the middle of the continent. Worth visiting – it will definitely make for some truly amazing memories!

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