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5 Common Problems for the iPhone 6s and How to Fix Them

The iPhone 6s is an exceptionally nice phone, but like all devices, it’s not without its problems. If you have this device, there are several common issues that you may experience. Fortunately, many of these are easily resolved with a few simple steps. Hot Home Button If you notice that the home button on your iPhone is uncomfortably hot, you’ll want to take steps to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Most users have resolved this issue by holding down the home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. If the phone doesn’t respond to this attempt, unplug it, put it in a cool place, and wait for it to cool down before attempting this again. If the reset doesn’t keep your phone cool, head back to your carrier or retailer to ask about a replacement device. Speaker Distortion Many iPhone 6s users have reported speaker distortion ranging from…