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Kakheti, the land of winemaking

Kakheti is considered the cradle of winemaking, and wine for the Georgian is a sacred drink. The land of winemaking is gaining a lot of popularity among tourists, Georgians are also very much thrilled with the history of the region. Kakheti is located in the east of the country and occupies an area of ​​11,3 thousand square kilometers. The region was inhabited before our era, and before becoming a part of Georgia, Kakheti was a separate kingdom. The region was a subject of invasions by the Persians this is why some historical sites suffered from raids. Winemaking in Kakheti The symbol of Kakheti is grape. It is depicted almost everywhere. The wine cellar served not only as a wine storage. Native used for baptism and communion of the dying man if there was no possibility of reaching the church. The nature and climate of the Alazani Valley and fertile land…