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The Reasons Why You Should Switch to E-Cigarettes

It is becoming increasingly common to see people walking around with e-cigarettes. Whilst some use these as an alternative to cigarettes, others use them as a way of quitting smoking altogether and this has proved to be particularly effective for many. Switching to e-cigarettes is something that all smokers should consider, as there are many health benefits whilst still giving the look and feel of smoking – a key factor for many smokers. E-Cigarettes and “Vaping” Before outlining the health benefits of switching, it is worth defining e-cigarettes and how they work. Designed to look and feel the same, they don’t contain tobacco and the nicotine is instead inhaled by converting liquid nicotine into mist or “smoke”. This is commonly referred to as “vaping”. People often use different e-liquid flavours and can alternate nicotine strength; this enables them to slowly reduce the amount if stopping altogether. The Health Benefits of…